Introducing The Okinawan Karate Nerd Programme (OKNP)

Would you like to experience Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate?

Today is your lucky day!



OKNP is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for two young Karate Nerds between the ages of 18-35 to fly to Okinawa and live there for 6-12 months and experience the Way of Karate at its source.

This programme is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Jesse Enkamp, chief karate nerd at, and James Pankiewicz, founder of The DOJO Bar and Challenge Okinawa, together with Seishin International as proud sponsor.

If you are a young Karate Nerd who dreams of discovering the essence of Karate (…and yourself) – keep reading.

The Okinawan Karate Nerd Programme includes:

– 6 or 12 months living in Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate.

– Daily training with traditional Karate masters and living legends.

– Hands on involvement behind the scenes in Okinawan seminars and events.

– Working part time at The DOJO Bar and assisting at Challenge Okinawa (The 100 Kata Event, international seminars etc).

– Access to unique Okinawan cultural activities such as working in a awamori factory or with a master sanshin maker, exploring Okinawa’s mountain trails, or coastline on kayak, exploring Okinawa’s castles and caves, learn to cook traditional food etc.

If you are accepted into OKNP, the following will be provided for you:

– Pre-trip advice on visa application (applicant must apply themselves) and general preparation help.

– Airport pick up, good value accommodation (applicant pays) and orientation on Okinawa.

– Help with designing personal training programme, introductions to local teachers and access to other Karate resources.

– Part time work at The DOJO Bar & Cafe and/or as assistant in local Karate events.

– Introduction to cultural and learning opportunities such as Japanese lessons, calligraphy lessons, cooking classes etc.

– Special excursions and trips around Okinawa and nearby islands to discover unique locations and people.

– Any assistance required with other necessary services such as travel, local government, medical etc.

– Custom Seishin International kit; including The Seishin Gi, The Seishin Bag, The Seishin Bracelet etc.

– 6-12 month unlimited access to Karate Nerd Insider™, my private online weekly video subscription club.

– Personal online consultation and support from me during your entire stay in Okinawa.

Sounds amazing, right? Click here to read more and get access to the application form.

Invitation and Instructions for Participants in Okinawa


Take the 100 Kata Challenge with us in Okinawa on Saturday October 22nd!

Join us for the upcoming 100 Kata for Karate Day event in Okinawa Oct 22nd 2016! Everyone is welcome, beginners and all styles.
A kata is a pattern of karate techniques performed in a set sequence. Its an essential part of traditional karate practice. Today karate, which originated in Okinawa, is popular around the world and practiced by millions. You might say it is Okinawa’s most successful export! So its fitting that we take on a special challenge to celebrate karate in Okinawa.

9AM START at CHURASUN Beach (Toyosaki Beach) in Tomishiro. (map)

Please arrive early in time for line up and start. You should warm up yourself in advance of 9AM. CHURASUN Beach is a 30 min drive from Naha. You can take a taxi there from Naha.

To commence the event we are very pleased to welcome the Mayor of Tomishiro City, Mr. Haruki Gibo, who is himself a karateka and strong supporter of karate development in Tomishiro. Tomishiro is the location of the new Karate Kaikan building, the new home of karate in Okinawa, a project Mayor Gibo championed.

We are also very grateful to Arakaki Toshimitsu sensei of Matsubayashiryu Karatedo who will lead the participants through one repetition of FUKYUKATA ICHI to commence the 100 Kata Challenge.

Following the performance of FUKYUKATA ICHI all participants will be free to continue with 100 repetitions of their chosen kata. There is no time limit on completion of your 100 kata.

Full event details and registration form here

The 100 Kata for Karate Day is now truly a worldwide event. Already we have participants from 20+ countries signed up for Oct 22nd 2016. And I know we will see many many more take on the challenge. So please spread the word, invite your friends and join us on another historical day! Let’s make it a day to remember.
Sign up here –

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各道場館長様へ 第三回百空手型チャレンジ開催のご案内

“2016 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge”

拝啓 紅葉の候、各道場館主様におかれましては、ご隆盛のこととお喜び申し上げます。


日時:2016年10月22日(土) 09:00~



世界同時に行われる空手イベント。早くも開催三回目となる「百空手型チャレンジ」世界各地で既に話題になっております。 もっとたくさんの方にご参加して頂きたく、各道場館長様にご案内致しております。初心者との交流も、このイベントの魅力の一つです。館長様には、道場の生徒さんと共にイベントへご参加お願い致します。このイベントは、沖縄の無形文化財である「沖縄空手」保存維持のため毎年開催致しております。また、沖縄の未来を担うウチナー空手キッズの参加を多く呼び掛けております。流派に関係なく、子供たちが沖縄の伝統文化に触れる絶好のチャンスであると共に、海外と交流するきっかになればと思います。



09:00 集合

09:10 ご挨拶と集団演武 (普及型一)

09:30 100型チャレンジスタート



080-3908-1712 – (James)